Manifest Abundance Meditation Series

6 weeks of POWERFUL guided meditations starting February 14th


Hey beautiful,

I am so excited for you to start seeing your life LEVEL up in every way!

Abundance is literally around the corner for you.

How do I know?

Because you would not have made it this far to meeting me and landing on my page if your body, mind and soul were not ready for it.

Think about it,

most people spend at least 38% of their waking hours online, aimlessly scrolling through social media either stalking other accounts or drooling over what they don't have.

But here you are,

breaking the social addiction and CREATING an actual life for YOURSELF.
Congratulations for avoiding the rat race and realizing that you are the captain of your life and that the only way to BECOME ABUNDANT is to do something about it.

That's what I'm here for.

To help you step into this next season in the most miraculous way!
So hopefully by now you realize that it's no coincidence that you've landed here.
And if you still have doubts, then maybe you can just take my word for it.
And if my word isn't good enough, here's some proof from other successful manifestors who have taken their lives to an abundant level.
I'm Convinced!

Not convinced enough?

Here are my Video Testimonials! 👇

Give me Abundance!

THIS IS YOUR SIGN that you are ready to manifest the next level of abundance into your life NOW.


Whether it's financial, health, love, connection, you name it, your higher self feels it's time to bring in that next level of abundance into your life!
The good news is, this is the perfect time to anchor down on your meditation practice, specifically for abundance.


Because as we go through these winter days, the nights are longer, the days are shorter and there is not much sign of life outside. The trees are bare and the skies are more gray.
From our perspective it appears like nothing is happening.
Maybe you feel stuck energy in your personal life and you're not sure how to make it move.

Rest assured, winter is the time where the MOST magic happens... internally.

If you plant the right seeds now, you are guaranteed to see the fruits of your labor this upcoming Spring and Summer.
The Winter months are the time to get clear on what you want to see manifest, and to start turning your frequency into a STRONG magnetic force for abundance.

That's what this MANIFEST ABUNDANCE MEDITATION series is all about!

I will guide you through 6 weeks of virtual meditation sessions.

(Yes, they will be recorded for those who can't attend the live).
We'll meet once per week for up to 30 minutes for an EFFECTIVE guided meditation visualization.

I will be your personal ABUNDANCE MEDITATION COACH.

You will:

  • Experience deep states of inner peace and joy
  • Feel abundance pulsing through your body
  • Become magnetic
  • Set strong intentions for abundance
  • Focus your attention on abundance
  • Raise your vibrational frequency for abundance
  • Manifest the abundance you want
Join me for 6 weeks that will supercharge your manifestations and set the wheels in motion for an abundant rest of the year.
I guarantee you will get what you want and need out of these meditations, and so much more. They are so so powerful.

That is my promise to you!!

I can't wait to see you living your abundant beautiful life! You deserve it!
All my love,
Ayelet Polonsky
Manifest Abundance NOW!