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Break free from the blockages that are preventing you from manifesting the life you desire?

Learn how to use your mind to co-create your reality


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Hi, I'm 

Ayelet Polonsky

I’m an adventure loving, green living, yoga-obsessed Life Coach and Therapist. I’m trained in Cognitive Behavioral and Narrative Therapy. I lived in India for a large chunk of six years and learned Visualization and Meditation under some of the greatest Enlightened Masters. I’ve lived in Jerusalem for almost eight years studying mysticism and spiritual living under mystics (who I think are really wizards with long beards).

As my husband says, “you are in the transformation business.” I live to help women break through the blockages of self-doubt so that they can unlock miracles.

I bring laughter into my work and I think you’ll find yourself saying, “she’s not just my mentor, she’s my friend.


Everywhere you look you see happy, confident women, over there (in miracle land) manifesting their dreams, in committed relationships, actualizing their goals and loving themselves. 


Constantly focusing on how long things take to manifest because of your inability to let go of control.

You would love to surrender and get out of your own way so that miracles can show up big time but...


You can't knock that voice in your head that keeps telling you you're not worthy of having what you want.


You keep telling yourself that you need to take action and get support but your negative self-talk never lets you get to that point (and you've always got "something more important to do"


Plus you've been able to get by up until this point so you think maybe it's not that urgent or it doesn't need to change this minute.


Your inability to snap out of it and just feel good causes you to feel worse about yourself and as a result you convince yourself that investing in you is a waste of time and money.

Imagine how different

it will feel...
  • To feel really good about your life!

  • To stop feeling shame.

  • To know you deserve to live an amazing life.

  • To stop beating yourself up for feeling less than…

  • To feel so good about yourself you can’t be bothered comparing yourself to anyone

  • To feel confident in your decisions, relationships, work and abilities… without anxiety.

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Unlock the miracles waiting for you

Want to break free from the blockages that are preventing you from manifesting the life you desire?

Learn how to use your mind to co-create your reality?


 Start manifesting your dream life as they did...




5-Week Virtual Course

Gain the knowledge to attract your soulmate, manifest true love and live your most fulfilled life. 




21 DAYS of Expansion & Joy

The Life You Want to Manifest is Going to be Determined by You Becoming a Happier Version of Yourself - Let the Abundance Start Chasing You




Manifest Abundance Meditation Series

6-Week Virtual Course

In 6 weeks you will experience:
Experience deep states of inner peace and joy, Feel abundance pulsing through your body, Become magnetic, Set strong intentions for abundance, Focus your attention on abundance, Raise your vibrational frequency for abundance, Manifest the abundance you want


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