Hi, there

I’m Ayelet Polonsky aka "The Manifestation Mentor" is a truth seeking, adventure loving, healthy dessert fanatic & yogi... who helps people turn their "thoughts into things!"

Professionally she is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Therapist, as well as the creator of The Think Big Podcast.

Ayelet is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, EFT and Somatic Experiencing.

She has formalized her own hypno-visualization technique, which targets the subconscious and nervous system directly. 

Her work has been featured in Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Glamor Magazine, Fox News, NBC, and CBS News.


"The Life You Want to Manifest is Going to be Determined by You Becoming a Happier Version of Yourself"


She lived in India for six years

Learning Visualization and Meditation under some of the greatest Enlightened Masters

until she arrived in Israel in 2017, where she's been a student and teacher of Mysticism and Manifestation.

In her online courses and live talks, Ayelet teaches you how to move emotional energy through your body so you can finally feel freedom.

Think “The Law of Attraction meets Kabbalah & Psychology.”


Ayelet has led transformational retreats and workshops for women all around the world.


As her husband says, “Ayelet is in the transformation business.” She lives to help women break through the blockages of self-worth so that they can unlock miracles!"

Deep inner work can be hard work, so she makes sure you're having FUN and laughing A LOT along the way!