Gain the knowledge to attract your soulmate, manifest true love and live your most fulfilled life. 






See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.

- Rhonda Byrne


You’ve landed on this page because finding your soulmate is something you desperately crave and deep down you may feel like it’s never going to happen. Over the last decade and half we’ve helped thousands of students manifest their heart’s deepest desires. Our main speciality is helping people open the door to lifelong love. The results of this work have been transformational.

Maybe you go from one relationship to another, finding yourself in a pattern of attracting partners who are afraid to commit; maybe you have a hard time getting into relationships to begin with; or perhaps you have fears that are blocking you from experiencing the love you deserve. Whatever your situation, the deep inner work we do in this course will be the breakthrough that leads you to knowing you are worthy of love and attracting a partner who matches your self worth.

This course not only impacts your immediate future, but will leave a lasting imprint for the rest of your life.

That is our promise.


If you find yourself single or dissatisfied with your love life month after month and still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, consider this your sign.

You are currently standing at the leading edge of a new future.

Let the shifts of this new beginning open up doors of infinite possibility for you.



Everywhere you look you see happy, confident people, manifesting their dream partner, in committed relationships, actualizing their goals and loving themselves. "And you long for love and partnership too."


Full Price $198



Everywhere you look you see happy, confident people, manifesting their dream partner, in committed relationships, actualizing their goals and loving themselves. "And you long for love and partnership too."


Full Price $198


Can you relate to any of these?

  • You have a hard time knowing what you want - and you wish you had real clarity
  • You’ve begun to believe that maybe lifelong love isn’t for you - even though deep down you don’t want to believe this.
  • You feel pressure and harassment around dating - and you want to feel like you’re doing this for YOU
  • You’re sick of dating apps just not working - choice paralysis has gotten in the way of finding your true love
  • Ghosting has become the new norm - You want someone who isn’t terrified of commitment
  • Dating is time consuming - you want to manifest your partner ASAP!
  • You sabotage one relationship after another - because you can’t seem to get out of your head.
  • You feel disconnected from Source - then you get frustrated about being disconnected.
  • You’re hard on yourself for not taking action and committing to transformation.


You’re finding yourself focusing on how long things take to manifest because of your inability to let go of control.

You would love to surrender and get out of your own way so that miracles can show up big time but...

You can’t knock that voice in your head that keeps telling you you’re not worthy of having what you want.

You keep telling yourself that you need to take action and get support but your negative self-talk never lets you get to that point (and you’ve always got “something more important to do”)

Plus you’ve been able to get by up until this point so you think maybe it’s not that urgent or it doesn’t need to change this minute.

Your inability to snap out of it and just feel good causes you to feel worse about yourself and as a result you convince yourself that investing in you is a waste of time and money.



Full Price $198


Full Price $198


Or perhaps you feel that there’s a blockage preventing you from meeting your soulmate?


Maybe this sounds familiar...

  • "Who am I to attract my dream partner?”
  • “All the good ones are taken. How could I possibly attract someone normal and healthy?”
  • “Who is going to like me?”
  • “Will I have to settle for someone way below my standards?”
  • “How will I actually meet this person I envision?” 
  • “If I haven’t manifested this person yet, what makes me think now will be any different?” 
  • “Is it selfish to want to feel fulfilled?” 
  • “Am I worthy of love?” 


We’ve had these same fears. We really hear you.

But let us ask you…

Are these fears really serving you?

Are they helping you get what you want?

Are they on your team or are they working against you?

Years ago, before we manifested our soulmates, we were in the same boat. 

We used to complain about our biological clock running out of time. We had real fears about not being able to have babies if we waited too long. 

And ultimately, we feared that if we didn’t meet our soulmates we were doomed for a life of loneliness.

But our desire and willingness is what allowed us to push through the fears and finally do the work that we’re here to share with you. 

We both have incredible stories around how we manifested our husbands. 

Stories that happened in miraculous unpredictable ways. 

We want that for you.


Today we are both happy to say we are living our most fulfilled lives. Including and also beyond meeting our soulmates. We are raising beautiful children, have built successful businesses, and have become influencers who are passionate about creating change.

We’ve been blessed with opportunities to teach thousands of people all over the world the methods we used to manifest our soulmates. The most impactful work we do is raising our children and showing up for our partners.

We want to teach you the exact methods we’ve used so you can release the blocks to meeting your soulmate and get the love you’ve always wanted.

We feel a deep responsibility to support every step of your journey toward fulfilling your dreams. It’s time to confidently accept that you are here to do great work and have a lot of fun doing it!

You too can manifest lifelong love, attract a partner you are proud of, and live a life together wilder than you’ve ever thought possible.

The Promise of



Most people are unaware of the ways in which they’re blocking themselves from having that happy, healthy, mutually fulfilling relationship they crave. With this course, you will learn exactly how you’ve been unknowingly sabotaging yourself. You will discover the blockages you didn’t even know were deep inside you, holding you back, and you will clear these blockages to open the pathway for lasting love.


The biggest hindrance on your path toward lasting love is low self worth. Low self-worth and fear go hand in hand and feed into one another. In this masterclass, you will learn how to conquer those fears. We will guide you with practical tools to enhance your self-esteem and feel empowered when it comes to your relationships and in your life overall!


The fact is, getting what you want in life isn’t as out of reach as it may seem. It isn’t an epic mountain to climb. You just need the right tools and to learn how to utilize them properly. You already have everything you need… we are just here to teach you how to use it. You have more power over your life than you realize… now is the time to activate it.


The life you want isn’t just going to show up at your door one day… you need to choose it. You need to take steps to become who you want to be and get exactly what you want. The Manifest Lasting Love Masterclass will spark that transformation and put you on a new path.

We’re In It Together

We will be filming these classes live for a more personal, intimate experience. This will be a truly immersive experience. Our virtual workshops will reveal the deep inner workings of your psyche and how this impacts your relationships. We will also be experiencing guided meditations, answering your questions live, and providing exercises to do on your own to complete your transformation.


Full Price $198


Full Price $198



The live classes will take place every week for five weeks. They will be recorded so you will have lifetime access to the material in case you want to refresh or just go at your own pace.

Module 1:


Good relationships start with you. First, you need an awareness of what it is you truly want and need. We will also look at why you feel unworthy and how to increase your feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence. We will provide practical steps you can implement immediately to connect to your true authentic self and love that person.



Module 2:

YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE - So Shift Your Vibration

What types of partners are you drawn to and why? People who succeed at love and in relationships have one thing in common: they choose wisely. You will learn how to be in the right place internally so you can choose wisely as well as important qualities to look for (and red flags you should never ignore).

Module 3:

WORKING WITH SHADOW - Know Yourself Like Never Before

We will untangle the areas where you are spiritually blocked and how this is preventing you from finding love. You will learn exactly where you’ve been going wrong. We will get to the root of it, giving you clarity like you’ve never experienced before, so you can heal and be open and receptive to having lasting love.



Module 4:

BECOME A MASTER OF SURRENDER - Just Get Out of Your Freakin’ Way

So what does it really mean to manifest lifelong love? In this module, we will teach you exactly how to be a master manifestor and overcome challenges that may get in the way. You will also learn how to conquer your fears/insecurities/anxiety/doubts when it comes to relationships, helping you feel clear, calm, and confident in your love life.

Module 5:


Learn how to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your relationships. In this module, we will dismantle your feelings of fear, shame, and doubt. We will get to the root source and dismantle the beliefs that have become wired into your psyche and are holding you back and replace them with beliefs that serve you well and help guide you where you want to go.




 Full Price $198




 Full Price $198


The Manifest Lifelong Love Community

When you join the Manifest Lifelong Love Masterclass you will have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll connect with fellow students and can ask us questions. Find support and a group of likeminded women to keep you motivated and accountable!