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Want to take your manifestation experience to the NEXT LEVEL?

Here you will find an archive of the courses I’ve created.

Each course is a deep dive into the world of manifestation. 

Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of my Manifestation Methodology, or receive deep guided Manifestation Visualization meditations, or manifest lifelong love, you are at the right place. 

These courses will each offer you profound shifts, upgrades and quantum leaps in whatever area of life you’re looking to level up in.

Thank you for letting me be your guide. 

It is my deepest pleasure to be able to serve and inspire you in your journey. 




The Manifestation Mindset

This 11-part series is for you if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of HOW manifestation works and learn the step-by-step methodology to manifesting anything you desire, from a husband, a new career, health, inner peace, money, you name it! 

Each lesson comes with a DEEP guided manifestation meditation that will instantly put you into a frequency of abundance.


Manifest Lifelong Love

In this series you get to learn from me and from Social Media Influencer, Relationship Coach, and Author, Sabrina Bendory. We’ve teamed up to give you the practical meat and potatoes of dating, and the deep spiritual mindset for manifesting the love of your life. 

We uncover the process we both went through to manifest our husbands in a very short period of time!


21 Days of Expansion & Joy

In this series you’llo receive lifetime access to 21 of my most powerful guided meditations.

The goal is to quickly shift your vibration to one of joy, inner peace, surrender and abundance. 

Any time you need an energetic shift, simply plug into one of these guided meditations and feel the magic move you!


Manifest Abundance Meditation Series

In this 6-part series you will receive MY MOST POWERFUL hypno-visualization activations.

Each activation will reprogram and rewire your subconscious and nervous system for abundance. 

This series is for you if you want to accelerate the time it’s taking for a manifestation to show up in your life.



I live to help women break through the blockages of self-doubt so that they can unlock miracles.

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